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46 powerful training plans for working professionals.


The Wattkg TRIBE+ membership helps you exploit cutting-edge science with 46 powerful training plans. Plans are designed for cyclists aged 35 to 60 years - who also lead active lives outside of work and training.

All plans are delivered in Trainingpeaks and cover:

  • base training
  • build training
  • periods between races

...as well as dedicated peaking protocols. All plans sync with Zwift, most bike computers and work with free Trainingpeaks accounts.

High-impact coaching

 is included in your membership

The TRIBE+ membership makes professional coaching viable for cyclists who otherwise wouldn't consider it (over high monthly coaching fees).

With TRIBE+, access to Dr. Bonnevie-Svendsen for personal communication is included in the low quarterly member fee ($249 per 3 months).

Here is what you get:


Andrey Korotenko

Wattkg TRIBE+ member

"The TRIBE+ format suits me perfectly. A strong knowledge base, plans I can tune for my life and opportunity to take answers from you."

Get TRIBE+ coaching & plans

The Road to 5 W/kg: Online Course

$149 value, free with TRIBE+


Have you ever wondered how the myriad of training advice fits together?

As did I.

When I was a junior athlete, I was frustrated. I didn't understand how to prioritise between available methods to get more out of my training. I was missing conceptual clarity.

After 11 years at university, and becoming a medical doctor I decided to create a course to help amateur cyclists solve this issue.

Over 68 reader-friendly lessons I summarise the take-aways from the science of cycling performance. And more importantly, I discuss how you can use this knowledge to achieve outstanding performances in racing.

This course is valued at $149 and is included in your TRIBE+ membership.

Chapters include:

  • Module 1: Set your training up for success
  • Module 2: Performance requirements in cycling
  • Module 3: Intensity¬†& volume in training
  • Module 4: Recovery strategy
  • Module 5: Accessory tools & methods
  • Module 6: Planning & scheduling
  • Module 7: Controlling the process

Here's what experienced cyclists are saying about the course...

Sebastien Pernet

Wattkg TRIBE+ member

"I really love the road to 5W/Kg course. I already learned more in a few chapters than with all other information I had before. This is really what I was looking for. Merci!"

Philippe Ayala

Wattkg TRIBE+ member

"My objective is Haute Route. I have done several HR events in the past (5 in total). I must say I'm really impressed by the wealth of information you're making available. The way it is organised and presented is top!"

Excel at the Basics: Online Course

It's a poorly kept secret that a big part of achieving success in sports lies in doing the basics really well. Yet, time and time again cyclists find to hard to actually master this in real life.

This practical course lets you experience what it's like to execute the important fundamentals in training with great quality.

Mastering this is often the difference between progress and stagnation at your current training volume. This course will teach you to achieve that progress.

Greg Pollard

Wattkg TRIBE+ member

"I have been training away using principles I am learning from you. As of this week, my form is the best it's ever been and my numbers are trending upwards across the board."

Gordon Bowersock

Wattkg TRIBE+ member

"I can now maintain full FTP level efforts for longer before exhaustion. And high intensity workouts are better tolerated."

How much does it cost?


Far less than typical coaching.

For context, you could pay $900 and get online coaching with unlimited phone calls for 3 months. But if you've read this far you probably don't need that to get faster.

Instead, you can join TRIBE+. For only $249 (USD) you'll get a coach by your side for 3 months. And training plans to bring you the power (W) you need to reach your 2024 goals.


Some of the many TRIBE+ success stories...

Felipe Castro

Wattkg TRIBE+ member

"Had a very good race yesterday in the 165K qualifier here in the USA. Got my clarification to the Gran Fondo World Championships in August. Thanks for the training you provided. Your guidance and feedback has been very useful.

Fiona Morris

Wattkg TRIBE+ member

"I'm heading to the Cyclocross World Championships. I've progressed a lot in my understanding of this style of training and also progressed significantly in my abilities in the past 9 months. I've achieved some things I didn't think were possible. So thank you for working with me on those achievements."

Andrey Korotenko

Wattkg TRIBE+ member

"Mission completed! I qualified for the UCI GF World Championship 2024. I prepared successfully for the UCI Gran Fondo Atalya and I won the Road Race of age group 40-44 and was 2nd in my TT age group. Thank you very much for your help."

30 days money-back guarantee

Here is my promise to you:

If you're a cyclist aged 35-60 years TRIBE+ will suit you perfectly. Or you don't pay.

If it's not a great solution for you, you'll get your money back for up to 30 days. Simply email me within 30 days of signing up, and I'll refund your purchase in full. No questions asked.

3 months TRIBE+ membership

$249 (USD)

Here is what you get:

  • Access to 46¬†powerful training plans
  • Coaching by Dr. Bonnevie-Svendsen
  • Wattkg workout library
  • Members only newsletter
  • Free BONUS Online Course Road To 5 W/kg
  • Free BONUS: Excel at the Basics Course
See training plans

Even if you were to save hundreds ($$$) while becoming a more powerful cyclist, don't take my word for it...

Is TRIBE+ worth it? Here's what other cyclists are saying.

Rune Holtze Jensen

Wattkg TRIBE+ member

"Gravel World Championship qualifier done and dusted. Came away with 3 podiums and qualified for the Worlds. All in all a great weekend thanks to the training plan I've been following."

Fabrice Schelback

Wattkg TRIBE+ member

"Very impressed by the quality of your program. Did my 40 min FTP test today. FTP according to WK04 280W, which equals 4.4 W/kg. Not bad for a 52 year old guy I'd say."

Viktor Kazinec

Wattkg TRIBE+ member

"Thank you! Working with you already had a great impact on my training. It forced me to be more deliberate when selecting my sessions and be objective when reviewing my current status vs goals."

Johan van der Merwe

Wattkg TRIBE+ member

"I enjoy my training very much and feel better for the rest of my work day."

Sebastien Pernet

Wattkg TRIBE+ member

"I'm really happy with the plan and my form. This is really what I was looking for. Merci!"

Henry Skates

Wattkg TRIBE+ member

"Beat my time from the year before by over 10 minutes (my goal was to beat my time), so I’m counting that one as a success. The structured program has been very useful."

"Sounds interesting - but will these plans suit me?"

Are you a cyclists aged 35-60? Find the plan to suit your needs

The 46 training plans of TRIBE+ cater for three levels of cyclists aged 35-60 years. These are sorted below by yearly training hours (all included in membership).

See if you match either of the three levels.

250-350 hours/year

You're a time-crunched cyclist looking to best yourself. Also suitable for novice athletes who want strong preparations for their first races.

Access plans today

350-450 hours/year

You race national races and want to perform more strongly. Or you're an experienced cyclist looking for those new personal bests.

Access plans today

500-700 hours/year

You're a highly competitive age-group cyclist with international ambitions. Or a recreational racer already doing big volumes.

Access plans today

Recall: You enjoy a 30 days money-back guarantee. Cancel your membership anytime. 



Can you show me some training plan examples?

Absolutely, and I'd love to show you the most relevant ones.

Send me a few quick sentences about your training background. And I'll email you some screendumps of the plans best suited for you.


 Copy and paste the address and replace the "(at)" with an "@"

"What can I expect from the coaching and plans?"

Please allow me to elaborate...

How does TRIBE+ coaching compare to traditional coaching?


The short answer:

"A greater focus on enabling YOU to manage your training = less coach time spent micromanaging your days." 

The benefit: Because you learn to manage the small day-to-day stuff yourself, we can trim away the excessively expensive coaching rates.

This way you're saving $130-$230 every month compared to most coaching services. While still having professional help at the tip of your finger.


Examples of what you can and cannot expect from TRIBE+ coaching

YES, you can expect (upon your request):

  1. ‚úÖ Start-up evaluation of your current training
  2. ‚úÖ Written suggestion for how to improve your training & performance
  3. ‚úÖ Help to choose a sequence of suitable training plans from the TRIBE+ catalogue
  4. ‚úÖ Advice on how to modify an existing TRIBE+ plan to your needs
  5. ✅ A brief suggestion for custom 5-10 week plan (volumes, workouts, intensity, examples) if no pre-made plan is suitable  
  6. ✅ Answers to a training question or two via email every 1-2 months
  7. ‚úÖ More lengthy email exchanges (3-6 emails) in cases where particular issues surface
  8. ‚úÖ Help to interpret power or heart rate data from a particular race, test or workout

NO, you cannot expect the following:

  • ūüöꬆA coach that checks in on you every week
  • ūüöę A plan that is micro-managed by a coach on day-to-day basis
  • ūüöę To get in touch and require assistance every week of the month, every month of the year

If you're in need of the latter (ūüöę), I'd recommend seeking more traditional 1-on-1 coaching elsewhere.

But, if the upper most services (‚úÖ) cover your needs, you can safely consider joining TRIBE+.

There is no absolute limit to how often you can contact me as a TRIBE+ member (I have not yet needed to create one). Still, a reasonable relationship between my time and your membership fee does apply.

Frequently Asked Questions

Try TRIBE+ for 30 days. And see where it takes your training.

"Invest 30 days in setting your training on the path to greater power outputs. I promise I'll do my utmost to make it the best investment you ever did in your training."

Martin Bonnevie-Svendsen
MD, PhD (candidate)

If you're still sitting on the fence, recall that you can claim a full refund up to 30 days after signing up.

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